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The aim of this page is for local residents and visitors to share news of what's about, on and around Tannoch Loch. Submit your wildlife sightings and news here! And not just about birds. Please provide name or initials to identify source.

2017 June 5th

The swans and cygnet and duck with five remaining ducklings were tolerating each other at our jetty this lunchtime. Alan D.

2017 June 2nd

The cygnet is coming along nicely. The duck brought her babies to our jetty this evening but they are very small and vulnerable and were being watched intently by a very large black-backed seagull on Catriona's roof so I'm not confident about their chances. Alan D.

The cygnet is getting big and there are baby ducks. A few pics snapped at the bottom of our garden this evening. Alisdair M.

2017 May 22nd

2 cygnets today. John

2017 May 19th

3 cygnets today. Ailsa

2017 May 14th

Unusually, a breeding plumage "common" gull on south gabions. In size, between lesser black-backed and black-headed gulls, greenish-yellow legs, and no red patch at base of bill. Despite name this is much less common than the other gulls on TL and is "amber listed".

Also a pair of goosander. John

2017 May 12th

House martins seen back at nest site on Mugdock Road house. May have arrived sooner? John

2017 April 2nd

Female (="redhead") goosander on Loch this morning. John

2017 Mar 25th

Distant (to West) chiffchaff heard today. Chris Edwards

2017 Feb 22nd

Cormorant with fishing device around its neck. Nicholas and Wendy.

2017 Jan 30th

1. There is a heron every day - all through January - often in the reeds at the bottom of (Mugdock Road) garden - otherwise in the reeds at the North end.

2. (Current) pair of swans fly up to the reservoir every day - in the morning. Ailsa

2017 Jan 30th

SCAUP with tufted ducks in unfrozen water. First time I've ever seen one on the loch. Distinguish from tufted duck by grey and white hatched back, instead of black. Also wigeon, goosanders, goldeneye and cormorant. John

2017 Jan 24th

We saw a second cormorant at 2pm and "she" has now swum over to the male on the rock who has been doing a bit of displaying! Wendy

2017 Jan 23rd

The male swan made an undignified landing when he crashed noisily onto the Taggarts' garage this morning. He managed to recompose himself after a short while, flopped off the garage roof, then limped to the jetty. He waited for 30 minutes before launching himself into the icy loch to re-join his mate who was anxiously waiting at the other end of the loch near to you. Hope nothing was damaged. Nicholas

2017 Jan 14th

Kingfisher briefly on NW shore birch. On ~1/10 unfrozen water here: 1 female goldeneye, 3 coot. John

2016 Dec 1st

3 red-head goosander today. Female goldeneye still. John

2016 Nov 28th

Wigeon on TL this am. John

2016 Nov 22nd

Every morning for the past few weeks a cormorant has swept over the loch from the direction of Emma and Alistair's house. Later in the day he comes to stand on the submerged rock in the Taggart-Gray bay and preens and shimmies his wings. Wendy

2016 Nov 21st

Redwing on holly in Edwards' garden. John

2016 Nov 18th

"Common" gull on Loch. John

2016 Nov 16th

Kingfisher. Nicholas and Wendy.

2016 Sept 26th

Grey wagtail at outfall. Gillian

2016 Oct 16th

Female or juvenile goosander - this time on Tannoch Loch. John

2016 Sept 13th

Dipper on Tannoch Loch entry stream. Gillian

2016 Sept 7th

8/9 "red-head" goosander on Mugdock Reservoir. Still there September 12th. John

2016 August ~9th

Lochside wild flower, believed to be Broad Leaved Helleborine (Epipactis Helleborine). Donald

2016 July 18 approx.

Mallard with ten chicks. All gone by following day. Suggest pike predation as seen here » Colin

2016 May 8th

3 moorhen chicks in bogbean at bottom of our garden. Hope they are more successful than the coots. Gillian

2016 April 20th

Party of greylag geese visited, presumed migrants intending to roost overnight. Chased by swans. John

2016 April 18th

First heard willow warbler, Tannoch Loch and Drumclog Muir. Ros Blair

2016 April 9th

Swans (the new pair) built 7th-8th April. One egg by 9th. This swan has a metal ring clearly visible in a magnified detail from this image. John

2016 February 23rd

Long-tailed tits in numbers every day this month. Bairds, Mugdock Road

2016 February 4th

Little grebe now in spring plumage. John

2016 January 28th

On 19 Jan a swan was seen sitting on or on the grass past the turning circle - an unusual site. Then saw the male puffing up his wings closely followed by the other new swan speeding down the loch - presumably to give it chase. (Had to go out so missed the next bit). I presume this is the same swan that the Brimelows and Alan D saw. I don't think we have reached the 26 Jan yet (or even the 22nd) but glad the SSPCA has been out to see to it. Carole

2016 January 26th

I called the SSPCA yesterday (25th Jan) to tell them about the swan as I was concerned about its welfare. An inspector came and I believe may have encouraged it back into the loch and fly away. I believe it has now left. Alan Douglas

2016 January 22nd

A swan - we think gender is male - has been chased off the Loch into our garden burn and is looking a little unhappy . He's been here since Thursday 21st Jan 15 when we first noticed him. Hazel gave him a Mortons roll this morning which he ate with relish. Anyone wishing to see him please just pop into our garden at 168 Mugdock Road. Susan and Hazel Brimelow.

2016 January 20th

Three swans standing on the ice. (Residual open water mostly frozen over). A vixen called that night. John

2016 January 15th

An extra pair of goldeneye, making 2 males (as in photograph above) plus 3 females. On unfrozen water near inflow. John

2016 January 14th

Little grebe again in N half. About 30 mallard, -suggestive of immigration? John

2016 January 9th

Second swan still present today. Carole

2016 January 8th

Swan orange 3DPC seems to have acquired a mate. He has chased so many swans off but is being quite affable to her. She has no ring that I can see but white bits at the top of both legs and a thin neck. Also of course, I don't know she is a she. Ailsa

2016 January 3rd

Still 2 female goldeneye, also one male. One coot at south end. One of the black-headed gulls unusually showing partial dark cap as if already entering breeding plumage. John

2015 December 21

Little grebe further north on loch. Still 2 female goldeneye. John

2015 December 19

Nuthatch and frequent visits from Great spotted woodpecker on feeders in October. Don't think they liked November so much. Gillian

2015 December 10

At least two pairs of Goosander gliding around the loch like battleships. Wendy

2015 December 3

Nuthatch on bird feeder. John

2015 December 2

2 female goldeneye and a grey heron today. I don't know how long the goldeneyes have been back, but it is tempting to speculate they could be same two returning many winters. John

2015 December 2

A single Little Grebe on the loch. Dinking down to fish constantly and shoving away any Mallards that come too close. Wendy

2015 November 25

A lovely sighting of our kingfisher on our willow. It then swept down and up the loch in a flash of turquoise and orange. We usually hear its harsh "whistle" first. We saw it again toward the end of November. Wendy

2015 November 18

~30 tufted duck on Mugdock Reservoir. Possibly exchange with TL. John

(2015 August)

Possible pine marten scat, seen on a log at the edge of the path on the west side of Craigmaddie measuring pond. Andrew

2015 November 17

Hearsay - sighting of pine marten from near northeast corner of Craigmaddie Reservoir. John

2015 November 15

WEBS » (Wetland Bird Survey) core count day. Could be even 8 pairs of tufted ducks - difficult to be sure when diving frequently. One female goldeneye. One swan. John

2015 November 14

6 pairs (at least) of Tufted Ducks back on the loch. An interesting view of a female standing on a rock showing her white belly and back white spot. Wendy.

2015 November 10

The current swan is 3CDP(orange) - been here about three weeks and has chased off the old cob plus at least two other pairs. Ailsa

2015 November 9

At TLL AGM: Report that pine marten has been seen at S. end of Loch. Nicholas

2015 November 4

One swan chasing another into a Heathfield driveway

2015 November 3

Three swans today and continuing aggression

2015 November 2

One swan now chasing the other, including on land along Heathfield Drive. Not a happy family.

2015 October 30

Two female goldeneye arrived since yesterday. Interesting to see how they respond to lowered Loch. Grey wagtail again.

2015 October 29

Two grey wagtails dancing in the sun along the north end of the west shore.

2015 October 21

Nuthatch on feeders again today
Still occasional visits, latest 2nd November 2015.

See BTO claim northward spread is down to climate change» and Iain Gibson's comment that evidence for cause and effect is lacking.

2015 October 20

Two swans on the Loch today. (Ailsa and Bob)

2015 October 16

To get started, here in brief are a few recent items:

This was the summer when after a good many years with a pair of mute swans, the Loch lost its female and now has one only.

Two residents reported seeing pine martens » in loch side gardens

Range expansion in Scotland. (2013) »

A nuthatch » visited feeders on Mugdock Road.

Range extending northwards: BTO data »